ATC4Real Pro simulates a TRACON radar facility operation with real world air traffic! You will see the real planes coming and leaving into your radar screen, no invented and fake traffic was added, not just similar callsigns but real flights! (Not in real time)

You will be able to simulate an air traffic controller shift at the most crowded and challenging airports in the world. More than 40 airports available to play and new ones being published every month, so you could not get bored.


Airports included within the free app:

All airports are based in real data navigation so you could practice real STARs and SID procedures. Lead every arrival into the actives runways and clear them to land and guide all departures into their exit fixes.





Current version 3.4.0 View updates list


Click here for a guide to migrate your old Volume Apps into the new version 3



Versions for each device are sold separately